Community Involvement

Sam & Kelly have grown up seeing a myriad of things, including how much their respective parents cared for their local communities. Through these influences, they’ve learned how much they, too, want to give back and contribute to the world around them, and ensure that people who have periods – something that is so common yet so unspoken, are empowered and have access to the items they need. Too many young people miss school because of something as natural as menstruation. Too much stigma surrounds a normal bodily function, and it’s time to challange that.


Feeling strongly about something is only the first step to making a change, and the #ValkyrieMovement aims to use this platform of influence to positively affect the community and the world around us. This is why we’ve partnered with two local non-profit organizations, as we believe in the work that they’re doing. Subz Pants and Pads has been operating since August 2010 and to date has manufactured and distributed 100 000 Subz washable, reusable sanitary pad packs across South Africa. Not only do they distribute the packs, they also offer an educational program on puberty, menstruation and female hygiene. Before the distribution the girls are shown how to use and care for their Subz products as they can last for 3 – 5 years. A portion of each item sold is donated to this initiative.


I See U (NPO NO. 155-493) is an organization that mentors teenage girls from marginalized comminities, who have limited access to opportunities. They encourage them to explore and see their value and worth. They equip them to make informed decisions aligned with their values and inspire them to develop a personal vision for their own lives. A part of our yearly profits goes to helping seeing these projects reach the people who need them.