About Us

Our story

We’re on a mission to banish the mediocre and give curvy women and girls functional, sexy clothes that inspire confidence from within. We dare to challenge societal norms of size, shape and age. 

On this journey, we are looking to collaborate with like-minded individuals who embody our brand and share our goal to promote the local economy, female entrepreneurship and environmentally friendly products. We are proudly South African.

House of Valkyrie is a fashion house that believes in giving womxn the options they deserve.

We are a company that believes we need to have fashion with a conscience, which means being mindful of how things are made, the impact it’s production has on the environment, what things are made of, how they are disposed of, where they come from, and what that means to our South African economy. 

We also care about the jobs of the people around us and what impact is our fashion house making on the next generation.

We have strong views on everything, and we want to speak up where others can’t. There are so many opportunities to be inclusive, bold, incredible and creative, and we want to bring your excellence to the forefront.

We want to change the world – so why not start with our wardrobes?

The fashion industry affects everyone in some way, and if ranked alongside individual countries’ GDP is also the world’s seventh-largest economy. 

We want to be part of a movement to revolutionise how we look at fashion, so that sustainability is brought to the fore-front. We want to minimise our brand’s carbon footprint, and ensure that all possible usage is gained from every meter of fabric and every trim we bring into our studio.

The textile industry in South Africa faced a massive slump in 2015 and has been struggling since then. With an innovative idea like ours, and the drive and passion we have, we believe we can and will make a difference not only by helping to maintain existing jobs, but also create even more as our company progresses. We want to be bold, yes. We want to be known, yes. But most of all, we want to make a lasting difference in our country.

Fitting assistance

We offer assistance & fittings if you are unsure of what size you wear. Often one can fit one size at one shop & a complete different size at another – we want to help you find the right fit with us.

Customised garments

Should there be any reason you need customization on a set, we are happy to help! Drop us a line or book an appointment to come into our studio to chat about what needs to be done.​

Comfort & Quality

We take the comfort and quality of our garments very seriously. Let us know if you ever have any comments, complaints or compliments, please let us know – we always want to grow and improve.​

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